Big Ben: “It’s awesome!”

August 14th, 2018 by

From the Steelers today:

For the better part of the last three weeks Steelers fans have been packing the hillside and bleachers surrounding Chuck Noll Field, bringing with them energy, enthusiasm and tons of love for their team.

And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. The players love the support, reacting continuously when the fans cheer, and at the end of the day making sure they take time out to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

It’s a love affair that goes in both directions – the fans loving the team, and the team loving the fans.


As camp winds down, several players shared what the support from the fans means to them.

“It’s awesome. Every day seeing thousands of them out there, it just shows how much our fan base means to us and we mean to them.” – Ben Roethlisberger

“Playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers and having this fan base is amazing. For us it’s a good way to show love. Every time I go out there and I see the kids, I can relate more to them just because of my age. I am always doing stuff that is trending, playing video games, having fun, doing dances. Things they can relate to. It’s fun to give back.” – JuJu Smith-Schuster

More thoughts from players here.

What did Ben think of this year’s camp? You can watch video of his latest interview here.

If you haven’t been able to make it training camp…

August 12th, 2018 by

then you need to check out all of the great photos from the Steelers so you can feel like you’ve been there and have been part of the action!

Pittsburgh Steelers @steelers
Follow the leader. #PicOfTheWeek

Good times are definitely being had

August 9th, 2018 by

…for fans attending Steelers training camp:

Taylor Brooke @TayBrooke24
@_BigBen7 a few I took at camp 📸💛🏈 #SteelersCamp @steelers @SteelersUnite

Xander @XFactor_83
Thank you to @TeamJuJu @_BigBen7 @Bud_Dupree for autographs at the #SteelersCamp today!

Becky Bennett @beckyb303
My son and I had a great time at @steelers training camp and Friday Night Lights. ..thanks @_BigBen7 for making his year!

Nitro Moose @Nitromoose3
Great day @steelers #trainingcamp! Thanks to all the players who hung out after practice to sign autographs! Especially @TeamJuJu @Rudolph2Mason @rell_island6 @_BigBen7 and @JamesConner_ for the selfie!

james cohen @atogre_cohen
Just wanted to thank some of the @steelers players that took the time to give autographs to my daughter and I #SNUproud @_BigBen7 @_audi8 @RyanShazier @Bud_Dupree @MikeHilton_28 @MaurkicePouncey @VMcDonald89 @__bELIeve17 #DavidDeCastro @josh_dobbs1 @bubbahawk10 @CamSutton20

OC_CA_SportsMom @OC_CA_SportsMom
@_BigBen7 Thank you so much! You and your locker neighbors @AB84 and @JamesConner_ made me a very happy Steeler Girl!

Jay Ostrow @JayOstrow
I would like to personally thank @TeamJuJu @_BigBen7 and @JJames18_ for making my daughters day by autographing her terrible towel. #SteelersNation

…even if they weren’t there THIS year!

Shantelle @Shantelle55555
Missed this year’s @steelers training camp but wanted to share my favorite memory! Thanks @_BigBen7. Still have the Jersey and pen framed for safe keeping!

And there was also a big THANKS from a former teammate:

Isaac Redman @ired33
Big thanks to Ben and Vince for taking the time out to come meet my 6/7 year old football team! Class acts! @steelers

Weekend #2 at Steelers Training Camp

August 6th, 2018 by

in photos:


*Bodie was headin’ towards Daddy too, but his little legs weren’t quite as fast as Benjamin’s and Baylee’s were!

Photo: Steelers.

Chase Williams WPXI @chasepwilliams
Ben Roethlisberger (@_BigBen7) making a lot of fans happy tonight. #Steelers

Dale Lolley @dlolley_pgh
Ben Roethlisberger just pulled a young fan wearing a No. 7 jersey out of the crowd and played catch with him all the way down the field. Then took pictures with him. Great moments of training camp. #Steelers #dkps

Jenny Weis @STEELER86JEN
.@steelers @SteelersUnite #footballfamily 🏈🏈🏈

@_BigBen7, Photo of Big Ben getting ready to sign my cast at Friday Night Lights, “priceless”, thank you👍🏈🙏

Rettabetta7 @rettabetta7
.@steelers @_BigBen7 @RyanShazier @SteelersUnite – it’s a tradition – at Latrobe Memorial Stadium.

And our Fan Story of the Weekend:

Patience pays off!

“I just wanted to share this picture with yinz. After 12 long long years, my son’s first ever Steelers Jersey, a Ben R., was signed by Ben today at the start of night practice. He passed me up twice, but my son Ben was able to squeeze in and get his attention. Big Ben noticed the baby jersey and gave my Ben a smile, as if to say “I know who you are”. It was a special moment for sure. My son was so happy, he was shaking and practically crying. So amazing!! Big Ben does so much for everyone and he really tried to make sure everyone got an autograph. What an awesome guy and truly one of the greatest Steelers of all time!” — Don Glendenning.

What a weekend!!

Message from Ben

August 3rd, 2018 by


Lots of respect for the guys of OUR Rescue ( & The work you do is truly amazing! Keep it up. The bravery and toughness you show makes you true Super Heroes. Also, a big ‘Shout Out’ to my main man Luke (wearing #7). He’s one heck of a receiver. — Ben.

It was a great week at Steelers training camp

August 2nd, 2018 by

…for these lucky fans!

Teresa Varley @Teresa_Varley
Lots of love for the fans today. #Steelers

Peter Diana @peterdianapghpg
Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger stops for a quick photo with a young fan during afternoon practice at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe. #BigBen

A little hand awaits a BIG HIGH FIVE! Photo: Teresa Varley.

Christine McNickle @christinem72
@_BigBen7! Thank you for the autographs.You made 2 boys very happy!

So how was your weekend?

July 30th, 2018 by

It was busy, busy, busy in Latrobe!

Daddy, are we there yet? Daddy?

Jonathan Evanchick @JEvanchick
This little girl is excited to come to camp today @steelers @_BigBen7

“My son was ecstatic that he got a high five from Ben at camp today!” — Gail Derrer Haydt.

“Could not have been nicer at training camp on Saturday….autographed everyone’s hat and my husband’s shirt.” — Marie Marino.

Photo: Steelers

Scott not only posed for a photo with Ben this weekend, but sent us some great action photos of #7 hard at work!

“People can debate who the best QB in the NFL is all they want. For me, the only QB I want leading my team is Big Ben. It was great seeing him today! Both in his tireless dedication to his craft and in the generous way he treats the team’s supporters, Ben sets an example befitting of his leadership role on the team. It is always a pleasure for us to see Ben and interact with him in person. My family and I are proud that he is the QB of the team we love!” — Scott Juba.

Dina was just a little excited to meet Ben yesterday! Lol!

“OMG!!! Best day fricken ever!! It was just awesome, he looks great, ready to play. I confess I’m still wearing the shirt he signed.” — Dina Torek.

Kristie Beck @KristieLWolfe
BestDayEver. Today, two of my pups (the aviator and the little brother) had the best black-and-gold-day ever. Chatted with @_BigBen7…and met @AB84 on the field. Thanks to these two greats for being gracious & kind. Here we go, @steelers, here we go! 🖤💛

Worth the wait!

“I have been a fan since he was drafted in 2004, but I’ve come to respect him more for his faith in Christ than in his work on the football field in the last two years. Last year before the season began, I heard a talk that was posted on his Facebook page that Ben gave at the Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend about his faith. I knew Ben was a Christian as am I, but to hear his testimony and how he has truly learned to rely on Christ and how he was willing to share his struggles and weaknesses changed my view of him completely. I decided that day that I would come to training camp in Latrobe (which I only live about 20 minutes from) as much as I could to try to get Ben’s autograph not because of any other reason but because I deeply respected him for choosing to share his faith the way he had. I began posting my goal on Facebook with my friends and called it #Benwatch2017!

I came to training camp with family, with friends and on my own after work a total of eight times and never got it! I would either get on the wrong side of where he was signing or he wouldn’t sign on those days. I knew I would be back in 2018! My luck finally changed and Ben came over and signed near where I was! I got in the line and honestly I would have been happy with the autograph I had sought out, but as Ben was signing my terrible towel I said thank you and that I had tried eight times last year to get his autograph but it never worked out. Ben looked at me, smiled and said, ‘Well good for you!!’. I know it was a hot day with a lot of crazy things happening as he was signing, people yelling, pictures being taken, and people crowded around him but he was so kind and sincerely answered me with a smile. That reaction despite what was going on was the reason I have come to to respect him more than his playing! When I saw the Facebook post this past week about sending pictures and stories about Ben from camp I honestly didn’t think I would have anything to send but here I am with a wonderful story! Thank you for letting us share our stories about the fun that happens at Training Camp! Go Steelers!” — Christa Mortimer.

Okay, so Vanessa wasn’t at camp in Latrobe this weekend, but it was for a good reason! She was too busy finishing these beauties in Arizona:

“STEELERS VANS painted by me💛🏈. Had to hook up my dad with these customs, although I want to keep them for myself. The Goat & The Killer B’s: my present to the world’s best dad and the greatest Steelers fan. We’re rooting for them all the way from Arizona!!” — Vanessa Mora.

You could say that #7 is there at every meal with the Dixon family!

“Just a small portion of our favorite pictures in our house. We NEVER take annual family pics without have our #7 jerseys on!! We live near Indianapolis IN and go to church with a sea of Colts fans!” — Kayla Dixon.

We needed a close-up of that family portrait:


And speaking of family…

Peter Diana @peterdianapghpg
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger poses for a family portrait taken by his wife Ashley. #BigBen #SteelersCamp

Oh, and you DON’T want to miss THIS:

Lil’ Ben throwing a deep ball to Lil’ AB! The future is bright for the Steelers!

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos & stories, and to Antonio Brown for sharing his video! Have a great week Steeler Nation!

#33 stops by training camp

July 27th, 2018 by

…and catches up with #7!

Merril Hoge @merrilhoge
Always nice to talk family, football and a little hunting with a legend @_BigBen7 and enjoy training camp atmosphere. #nfl #NFLTrainingCamp @NFLLegends

Photo: Teresa Varley

Ben: ‘I still wanna be great’

July 26th, 2018 by

From his interview with Mike Prisuta at

At 36 and entering his 15th NFL season, Ben Roethlisberger is unquestionably getting older.

But the Steelers’ quarterback also maintains he’s getting better.

“I feel as good as I’ve felt in a long time health-wise,” he said. “And going back and looking at last year’s tape and really studying and evaluating and talking with (offensive coordinator) Randy (Fichtner) and some other people that I value their opinion on, I might have had one of my best seasons (in 2017). Statistically, it was a pretty good season. But in terms of arm strength, making decisions, all those things, I still feel like I’m playing at a high level and I still feel like I’m going up. I don’t feel like I’m coming down yet.

“As you get older people start talking about what’s the first thing to go? Your legs, your mobility, right? I still feel my arm’s as strong as it’s ever been. I’m out there playing with the receivers, playing catch, and they’re telling me the ball’s getting there faster than it ever has. So I think my arm has actually gotten stronger.

“But if you look in that Jacksonville (playoff) game down the stretch, there were a couple scramble plays, down the field, where I’m running and making some plays. I think those, to me, were kind of like, ‘OK, maybe I still have it a little bit.”

Roethlisberger also emphasized his desire to win and continue to compete is what it’s always been.

“Once you get here (to training camp) it really charges the battery up,” he said. “As long as physically I can do it, that’s the most important thing. If (center Maurkice) Pouncey is still here, if I have that (offensive) line in front of me, that’s a big deal because that helps with me being physically healthy.

“But you know, I was doing the math, I’ve spent over a year of my life here. Which is crazy to think of, over a year of my life is spent here at Saint Vincent College. And when I come here you still get excited. You still wanna go and you wanna win. Yeah, I’m still driven. I still wanna be great.”

Roethlisberger addressed a number of other topics late this morning in a one-on-one interview with, including:

How the offense is positioned in a league that’s apparently trending toward high-scoring games: “We have everyone back. It starts up front. The line that we have, to me, is the best in the league. They make my job a lot easier and they make the running game and the passing game easier. Aad we have one of the best backs if not the best back in the game (Le’Veon Bell) and wide receiver (Antonio Brown), as well.

“I’d like to think we’re positioned well.”

Whether the Steelers suffer from a lack of discipline or focus: “I think any team probably has a little bit of (concern about) discipline, whether it’s a young player coming in, whatever it is. But I don’t think there are any glaring issues that we have on this team. We’re a football team that wants to win, has a great tradition here and tries to follow that up.”

What the Steelers need to do to get back to the Super Bowl: “I hope that with every year you gain experience, some guys more than others if you’ve been doing this a long time. But I hope that we can take that (playoff) loss (to Jacksonville), or any loss, and learn from it. What mistakes did we make? Why did we not finish? Why did we not make this play? Was it because of a lack of effort? Was it because of a lack of talent? Was it because of a lack of discipline? What was it? And not make the same mistake twice.

“If you make the same mistakes over and over you’re not learning, something’s wrong with you. You need to find a way to make the corrections from mistakes that were made.”

Similarities between this year’s Steelers’ and the Super Bowl teams in 2008 and 2010: “The Super Bowl teams had a lot of veteran guys. Coach (Bill) Cowher’s guys were still there and some veteran guys were still around sprinkled in with some young guys. I’d like to think that’s kind of what we have now. I wouldn’t say we’re an older team but, especially on offense, we’re mature team. We have some of those eight- and nine-year vets.

“When I think about the last Super Bowl, I think about the Hineses (Hines Ward) and Farriors (James Farrior) and some of those older guys that were in double-digit years. I think now we have a big chunk of those guys sitting right at the high single digits, so they have that experience, they’ve matured. But they also still have enough youth in their body to hopefully propel us to the next level.”

What he’d like to do with Fichtner as the offensive coordinator that couldn’t be or wasn’t done under Todd Haley, the coordinator Fichtner replaced: “I’d really love to win a Super Bowl with him. I’d love to try to win a Super Bowl with him at the helm.”

More from the Steelers official website here.

Big Ben talks to Ed Bouchette

July 26th, 2018 by

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this afternoon:

7_340These are good days to be Ben Roethlisberger.

He has virtually everyone back from one of the most productive and talented offenses in the NFL. He has the new offensive coordinator he wanted. He says he’s as healthy as he’s been in his 15 seasons with the Steelers, his weight an eight-year low.

He guided the Steelers to the third most victories in franchise history. And he’s coming off one of the best playoff performances ever by a quarterback, certainly the most productive in Steelers history.

Yet, something is missing, and Roethlisberger will tell you what that is: a Super Bowl victory. There has not been one for the Steelers going on a decade, not an appearance in one going on eight years.

He set franchise playoff records with 469 passing yards against Jacksonville (second most in NFL postseason history), with five touchdown passes, and with 37 completions in 58 attempts.

But it wasn’t enough as his team lost 45-42 at home after a bye week and one step short of a second consecutive AFC title game in New England.

Before he walked onto the field for his first training camp practice of his 15th season, Roethlisberger reflected on that loss, the defense that did not get it done that day, his next contract, the departure of Todd Haley and what the absence of Le’Veon Bell might mean for him and the Steelers:

• On the playoff loss.

“For someone like me who has played this long, it doesn’t matter how well you play, it’s the win and loss. I’ve long said I could have the best game of my life and lose and it doesn’t mean anything. Winning and losing is all that matters to me.”

• On his next contract.

Typically, the Steelers have negotiated an extension when he had two years left. He has told them he’d like to play another three to five years. But with two years left on his deal, there is no indication they will negotiate an extension this year.

“It hasn’t even been a thought. If they’ve talked to … my representatives, I don’t know about it. I’ve got this year and next year. So I’m not worried about it. I’ve played long enough that I don’t need to sit here and worry about the next one. I’ll just play this season and let them figure out what they want to do.”

• On Randy Fichtner, part of Mike Tomlin’s first staff in 2007, being promoted from quarterbacks coach to coordinator:

“I don’t think it will affect [the offense] too much. Randy and I have been together for eight, nine years, a long time. So there’s a lot of familiarity there, both on a personal level and work level. I’m really excited for him to take that next step, happy for him. I’m excited he’s getting an opportunity to show what he’s really capable of doing.”

• On playing the opener in Cleveland with Todd Haley now the Browns coordinator.

Roethlisberger revealed his past two coordinators will work that game, saying Bruce Arians will be in the TV booth calling the game for CBS, even though the network has not confirmed that.

“I think the whole thing is going to be kind of interesting. Interesting to say the least. I’m sure the NFL had a little something to do about that — B.A., Todd, making it the first game of the year.”

• He does not think Le’Veon Bell’s expected absence until Labor Day will hurt him or the team.

“He is a stud when it comes to working out and training. I think this is an awesome opportunity for the other guys.”

090417• He is more optimistic about his defense than are many people.

“I know that’s kind of the question mark for fans and people out there, but me facing them every day I’m pretty excited about what I think they can do.

“You hate not having [Ryan Shazier], that’s a bummer on a lot of fronts, but I’m not worried about our defense … I think you’re going to see some younger guys taking steps — Artie Burns, Sean Davis, that younger class that needs to step up. I think you sprinkle in Joe Haden, you sprinkle in Morgan Burnett and Jon Bostic, some of those veteran guys. I’m more excited about our defense.”

• He still believes New England is the team to beat in the AFC.

“I think you have to look at who won it. The Eagles are the team to beat in the NFL. The Patriots won the AFC, so they’re the team to beat. I’d like to think we’re a good enough football team to be talked about as a team to beat, but when it comes down to it it’s all about the team that won it last year.”

More from Ben’s interview with Mr. Bouchette here.


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